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I provide excellent, accurate, guaranteed palm readings. Whether your confusion or uncertainty lies in love, relationships, career, or life in general, our readings offer honest, the objective insight provided by concentrated aura meditation and cleansing. Through my powerful energy, I will concentrate on setting your aura in line and in harmony with your mind, your heart, and nature in general. We know you'll love the cozy, warm atmosphere we offer and are certain you'll be comforted by the positive spiritual energy that abounds in our workspace. Contact us today to begin your spiritual journey.

Promoting Positive Energy

The cleansing from this meditation includes freeing your body of stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. I allow the spirit's positive energy to flow through his and her tools. I am committed to walking with you every step of the way on your unique journey toward personal enlightenment.

Psychic Reader

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Crystal Readings

The crystal has always been a very powerful tool for spiritual and psychic readings. Filled with positive spiritual energy, the crystal is able to transfer this positivity into your life. Additional services include karma cleansing and love spells. I also offer crystal healing which removes your negative energy and replaces it with positive energy.


Meditating Classes

Let us build a meditation class scheduled for your convenience. Here, you'll learn how to clear your mind and receive chakra balancing, which is the art of aligning the spiritual energy sources of your body's seven chakras. Both positive and negative energies are moving through you, and I can help you balance them.

Buddha Counsel

Where clarity renews vision and purpose for individuals and couples, I will help you open your hearts and minds and create fulfilling relationships and joy in life. We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think when the mind is pure. Joy follows like a shadow that never leaves your side. Buddha counsel is an alternative counseling that offers fresh insight and applies innovative solutions to remedy life and relationship blocks. Have you tried many forms of therapy and still not resolved the problem? Are you ready to take a blind leap of faith and open your dreams? I am a professional psychic and spiritual healer with 20 years of experience and work with others. We also offer meditation class for Buddha Counsel.

Sitting Buddha

Chakras Reading

Chakras are the energy centers within our bodies that are the opening for-life energy to flow into and out of our aura function of the seven major chakras to vitalize the physical body, and to bring about the development of our self -consciousness. Come to me so you could get chakras reading and cleansing. I also offer chakra balancing to help you keep your chakra in check.

Chakras Reading

Palm Readings

The palm will tell things about yourself, personality, and things that are going on with you. Tarot cards will tell you about yourself, and other people in your life such as will you love, career, finances, health, and family. I specialize in love and have helped all who have contacted me. With my love reading, I will tell you who and where your soul mate is and how to become closer. I will reunite you with your soul mate and restore the love call for your answers.

Palm Readings

Manage Your Love Life

One of my specialties is helping people with problems in their love life. Whether you want to reconnect with a past lover or keep a current one on the right track, I can use my abilities to guide you with any uncertainties you may have. I will help you create a fulfilling relationship and enjoy life with your loved one. I also offer services for love spells to help that special someone find you and start an amazing relationship.

Trust your intuition and gain the guidance you need with psychic readings from me in Oakland, California.

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